terça-feira, 22 de outubro de 2013

Perfil no mais famoso site de fisiculturismo vegano

Olá pessoal,

ano passado fui oferecido um local de amador e apoiador do veganismo, com um perfil no site de fisiculturismo vegano "Vegan Bodybuilding". Obviamente estou longe de ser um fisiculturista e este não é meu intuito pois não treino para isso. Mas como forma de provar que mesmo após 7 anos vivendo em uma dieta hipo-proteíca em torno de 10% das minhas calorias vindo da proteína, ai vai o meu perfil com algumas fotos.


A entrevista está em inglês, portanto, quem precisar, use o google tradutor!

Boa leitura!

Name: Eduardo Corassa
Year of Birth:
68 kgs
Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil
Current Residence:
Rio de Janeiro
Weight lifting, tennis, surfing and running (when I find no other to do)
Bench press: 84 kgs / 3 sets / 8 reps.
Biceps curl: 16 kgs / 3 sets / 8 reps
Tell us a little about yourself, what you do for a living, what hobbies / interests / passions you have.
Nowadays I’m an English teacher, graduated in languages and I work with raw foods. I write about raw food, mainly about a low-fat raw vegan diet, aka, frugivore diet. I also give lectures, culinary classes and coach people. My hobbies are sports, read about nutrition, health and Natural Hygiene, go to the beach, enjoy friends, family etc. My greatest passion in life is to spread the modern Natural Hygiene word, that is health through healthful living with a raw fruit and vegetable based diet.

Why did you become vegan?
To make a long story short, I was a professional Counter-Strike Player from 17 to 22, an actual Cyber-Athlete. I had the dream job of any kid. I was paid to travel all around the world to compete in all the major gaming events. Sometimes, we would get upon stage and perform in front of huge audiences with thousands of people watching us through the internet.I loved my job, because I traveled a lot, was well paid, met everyday knew places and people. Also to compete is something really exciting and to do what I loved at the time and get paid was a big thing as well.

But my performance in-game started to drop dramatically. Because I was scared of losing my job, like any athlete do when he doesn’t perform well, I started to try to understand why I was getting worse. Then I realized that I gained a lot of weight, became sedentary, started to smoke, drink and was living mostly of junk food. So I understood the connection with health and performance and started to change my lifestyle habits. Although I got a lot of improvement, I still felt that there was something more to nutrition, than the healthy cereal bars, low fat animal products and supplements and pills that my nutritionists and medical doctors were prescribing to me at the time. Motivated by my lack of results with the common medical practices, I decided to study by myself about nutrition and health and started to research on the web. I fortunately stumbled upon raw foods, and right after upon Dr. Doug Graham’s work. Because of him, I got to know about Natural Hygiene and the medical vegan doctors. After been ill for 22 years, feeling the biochemistry effects that a raw frugivore diet gives you, I decided to share my own research with Brazilian people, because there’s almost no vegan literature in Portuguese, even less raw food literature and none Natural Hygiene literature.
So I have spent more than 4 years now researching, writing my books, so I could share with others, the information that changed and saved my life.

When and why did you become interested in fitness?

I was a fat and sedentary kid. Grew up eating a lot of junk food and playing videogames. But I always felt the desire to be active and have the fighting skills I saw in Hollywood movies! So when I was 14, I started kickboxing and developed quite a taste for the felling that u get through intense exercise. I started to develop a nice physique, with really low bf digits, and I noticed that I became more attractive, more vibrant, healthier and had more energy. But I lost that when I started to play Counter-Strike professionally and noticed that with the new sedentary and junk food lifestyle, I felt a lot worse.
When after a few years of terrible lifestyle habits, I started to lift weights because of medical recommendations, I notice how much I was losing because of not living a healthy lifestyle, how much better I could fell and look and for the last 8 years, I have been extremely active.
Also, to have a beautiful body because of girls was always also a big motivator. Although people usually don’t like to talk about it and think it’s vain, a part of natural selection is beauty. Being more attractive means a higher probability of passing on your genes and getting more pleasure in life through dating, sex and a man/woman relationship. Although it’s sad, it’s true. Natural selection is competition, and drives us to be our bests, to be able to pass on our genes.

How would you describe your nutrition program?

For the last 6 years now, I have been eating a raw vegan fruit and vegetable based diet where most of my calories come from fruit. I eat around 4 kgs of fruits and vegetables per day. Like 2 kgs of fruit for lunch, more than a kg of vegetables for dinner, with a half of kgs of tomatoes and once in a while a few nuts in the salad, or a raw tahini home made dressing. I eat lots of watermelons, bananas, persimmons, plantains, oranges, mangos, jackfruits, lettuces, broccolis, cabbages, cauliflowers, celeries. Sometimes I make some nut milk or cucumber noodles with my favorite “pomodoro” sauce. I eat only twice a day, around 2500 calories.

How would you describe your training program?

When I started raw veganism 6 years ago, I did a lot of cross training. 3 times per week one hour and a half of tennis, 2 times per week of surfing and 2 times per week of weight lifting. But nowadays I have a tough schedule because I study nutrition at college in the morning, work selling and writing my books on the afternoon and I teach English at night, so I reduced a lot of my training schedule. Nowadays, I lift 3 times a week, run once a week, play tennis once a month, and walk around 45 minutes going to university and work every day. Whenever I can, I dance and do other sports as well. I miss training more, even more on open air like surfing and tennis, but I have my goals to reach, as an author and Natural Hygienist practitioner.

What are some common misconceptions about veganism?
That is a hippie, lunatic, weirdo thing. I think the biggest problem is lack of information. We teach children math, geography, languages etc. but we don’t teach them the basics of ethics, comparative anatomy and the latest data of environmental and health research. So people grow up with the wrong misconceptions that to be a man or to be integrated on society, you need to eat animal products.
The usual misconception is also that there isn’t enough protein for athletes, for gaining muscle, for our immune system to function properly and those kinds of things. That worrying about the animal suffering or the destruction of the environment is silly. People are just unaware of the possibility of living free of disease and cruelty to themselves, to the animals and to the planet itself.

What advice do you have for people who are just starting out with veganism or training?
Read and get informed. Education is the true way to achieve freedom and the truth. When you sum reason with knowledge, you will have the motivation to become a healthy vegan and to get the body of your dreams. Stay focus and live healthy. When you acquire health and live in accordance to the laws of nature, you’ll notice that you are more naturally more positive, motivated, determinate, focused and you have a lot more faith and goals in life.

Do you have any other thoughts you’d like to share?
If you want to check out my work, I suggest going to www.saudefrugal.com / www.saudefrugal.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/saudefrugal or my new blog on construction www.healththroughhealthfulliving.com
I am translating one of my books to English and I plan to translate all of them in a recent future. Or you can access my Portuguese sites and use the translator. I believe there is some excellent information there so you can be sure that by living a healthy lifestyle, you help yourself and everyone around you.
I would like to say, GO RAW VEGAN! Don’t procrastinate. Don’t postpone the best things in life. Life is too short to be thrown away by some fake desire for animal products and junk food. We cannot cheat nature and when we try, we are the only ones to suffer.
I truly believe that if we adopted a frugivore lifestyle, we would be creating once again the paradise, the Garden of Eden, the golden age that life on earth once was.